Friday 25 January 2019

Blogger Tips: How to Create a Great E.Mail Newsletter..

Hello Gorgeous!
Taking a extended hiatus from blogging ( I still share on Instagram daily), has given me lots of time to think about new content for the blog. I have always wanted to offer some blogger tips and tricks, and I am going to try to work these into the blog on a recurring basis. Today, let's chat about the e.mail newsletter. To be honest, I have never even considered sending out a newsletter, it always seemed like so much work, creating the template, adding the info, and making sure there was relevant information for you to read. This always seemed like a daunting task, until finding Campaign Monitor, which is an e.mail marketing website. Trust me, you will find by using Campaign Monitor  that it basically does the work for you.
What I love about Campaign Monitor is you can easily create an e.newsletter with the templates available. You can enter your e.mail list, and when you're ready, Campaign Monitor will send the e.mail out to your list of recipients. You can get specific analytic data after your e.mail has been sent, and best of all, you choose the plan that is best for you, and you can get started for free, WOO HOO!
So I am definitely going to be playing around with the features Campaign Monitor offers, and you may be getting an e.mail with some of the pics below as a weekly roundup, or fave looks, or well just about any other idea I come up with!
 Planning any social media campaign can be a bit stressful. I love to work with brands to offer giveaways to my readers, and ensuring it will be successful is my utmost goal. I love to refer to this article here to help guide my planning process. " Social media is all about standing out. People scroll through their newsfeeds quickly so it's important to capture attention with extremely unique content. Once you have an idea you can take advantage of the tips on this list to get the job done. Remember, as always: the secret behind the best social media campaigns ever was understanding their audiences. That's the ony way you'll be able to provude them with the content the can't wait to engage with and share". You can view the tips and tricks for running a successful social media campaign here.

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