Wednesday 23 January 2019

Celebrate by Going Paperless

Hello Gorgeous!
With January almost over all eyes are on February, which is actually a very busy month for me! It's my son's birthday and I am in the midst of party planning. I recently discovered Paperless Post which offers online cards and invitations, and the best part is, you customize it, and then you e.mail it out to your invitee list. The invitations are all paperless so you never have to worry if the postal service delivers it, or you have no way of physically handing the invitation to the person you wish to attend. Normally I go on Etsy, pick an invite I like , buy it, and send it off to be printed. This whole process costs me about $40, so with Paperless Post I can get a stand out invitation for a fraction of the price. Below are some super cute examples of invitations you can find on Paperless Post. Buying a coin package is easy, and there are many free options. I highly recommend taking a look as the options are fantastic for any occasion you are looking for.

For the animal enthusiast:

For the movie lover:

For the Unicorn Lover:

For the Superhero, or Comic Book enthusiast:


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