Monday 21 January 2019

Surviving the Hack! (Yep My Insta Was Hacked!)

Hello Gorgeous!
Well I didn't think I would be back here, but it seems as though the universe has sent me back to my Teach in Fashion brand! 2019 hasn't been the greatest start for me, and well what I thought would never happen to me, happened. My Instagram page was hacked in early January and Instagram is being horrible to deal with. Yes, yes, I know the hack is my own fault in some ways as I was click-baited into believing a company wanted to work with me. The hacker demanded money, and was blackmailing me to get my page back. So a lot of my hard work was gone in a matter of seconds, and yes I had a pity party, but I have to move on from this. You can find me again on Instagram at Teach in Fashion, so please follow along if you aren't already. 
So how am I moving on from losing my Insta page that had over 49,000 followers?, well in simple terms I am trying to rebuild. I was lucky enough to have another Insta fangirl page that had a lot of followers that I cleared out and renamed to fit my blog. I had lost LOTS of followers, but Instagram won't define who I am as a blogger.
I know some of you are asking, "did you tell Instagram your page was hacked?", yes I did. There is a help page on Instagram that you can access to let them know if you're having trouble. So I have done this maybe 25 times now, and they keep saying they can't verify it was me who 'owned' page.  But we all know, you never really "own" you social media page. So if you go to my A Little Dash of Pretty page it has been cleared out and yes I am following it. You can also see a full detailed story about who hacked me and what I am trying to do about it now.
So, I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else, and for now, wish me luck in rebuilding, as it will be harder than ever.

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