Monday 18 February 2019

Managing Time-How I Fit Blogging In

Hello Gorgeous
Happy Family Day if you're in Ontario, Canada, or if you have any holiday happening today Happy Day to you! After blogging a few years now, I tend to get asked the same questions, or I hear the same comments. One of the most popular questions is ,"Why did you start blogging?', along with the comment, "Wow you must be super mom". Well, no I am not super mom, and I blog because I love it. Making it all fit sometimes becomes a challenge, shooting outfits, creating posts, being a mom, and a full time teacher. I have learned over the years how to make efficient use of my time. Of course, I wish I could show you stories about the newest coffee shop, or local attraction, but to be honest that sort of blogging doesn't work with my time schedule. I love to show outfits, and share new beauty products with you, and that's what I will continue to do. Let me share some time effective tips when blogging:
1. Shoot multiple looks at once, I tend to receive new clothing items all at once and then there will be a few weeks when nothing arrives. I wait until all my new packages come and then I make a date to head out and shoot the outfits.
2. Shoot with another blogger friend if you can, this way both of you reap the benefits of having new content to share. If that's not possible, I will have my husband, or my mom (who is learning quickly how to work a camera) take pictures for me. It usually take a few hours to shoot 8-10 new looks.
3. Know your locations, I live in an area that does not have a lot of great places to shoot outfit looks. There are a few amazing spots within a thirty minute drive from my house so I tend to go to the locations that I know will give me the best results. If the weather isn't co-operating I always have a back up plan, and by not co-operating this could mean a sunny day. Sun is not your friend when you want to take outfit photos.
4. I always edit the pictures as soon as I am done shooting. I will edit the photos I love and then create draft blog posts. This way when I am ready to use the post all I need to do is the written part.
5. The hardest part for me is coming up with blog post topics so please let me know if there is something you want to see. I often write posts while my son is at a music lesson, or after he goes to sleep.
Using time effectively while blogging is so important to me, and I have definitely found a method that works for me. If you have any tips, or use some of the same ideas that I shared here let me know.

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