Monday 4 February 2019

Why You Need To Take A Second Look at H&M

Hello Gorgeous!
Be honest, do you love to hate stores like H&M? If you're like me then you love the styles but hate the fabrics, or the sizing right? Well over the last few months I have actually rediscovered my love for H&M. I am not sure if the styles have changed, or their sizing has, but I find most of my favourite pieces lately are coming from H&M. For many years I avoided H&M due to the ill sizing, I am normally between a size 6-8 and every time I would try on an item, it wouldn't fit right. The size 8 would be too small and I would have to size up to a 10 which would be way too big. I know Zara is an H&M sister store but I find the same sizing issues there. So what changed? Over the holiday break I ended up shopping in the U.S. with my mom and aunt, and we went into the H&M outlet store, which is more of a retail store because it carries current items. As we were browsing through the sale section, I found myself falling in love with many of the styles in store, and I immediately thought, none of this is going to fit me right?. To my surprise, almost every item I tried fit unusually decent, so much so that I ended up paying around $120 for twelve items. This shopping haul totally changed my mind and I have fallen back in love with H&M.
Now onto this dress, it is currently in stores at H&M and for $25 the quality is decent. The pink heart print is just so darling, and now that I wrote the word darling, I think that's what has changed my mind about H&M. Many of the styles have taken a more feminine turn which is right up my alley, and I encourage you to take another look at H&M if you're like me and were avoiding it. Oh, and on a side note, this post is not sponsored, I just really wanted to share my new thoughts with you. So Happy Monday and I hope you enjoy this sweet heart printed dress.

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