Friday 25 April 2014

The Blues

Blue is the warmest colour in my closet. I have a wardrobe that seems to be based around blue tones as it's foundation. I think I wear a blue item every day. This is my interpretation of the blues in my closet, the jacket I have had for years from a trip to London, England. I can just never let it go from my closet as it has a lot of sentimental value to me. Let me know your sentimental items from your closet, send me a comment or email.

Shop the look!
Blouse- Jacob (here)
Skirt- Jacob(here)
Belt -Jacob (here)
Jacket -Topshop (LOVE THIS!)
Shoes- Town Shoes (here)
Bag -Kate Spade (here)
Bracelets- Stella and Dot (here)
Earrings- Biko (limited edition) (similar)

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