Monday 7 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Eye Liner- Review.

When I saw Benefit was releasing a gel liner that was not in a pot I was excited. I have used many of the Benefit products in the past, although not the eye liners. Needless to say, I was very excited to find out that this eye liner is supposed to hug your lash line, and is easy to apply. I definitely DO NOT have a steady hand, so eye liner application for me can sometimes turn into a disaster. I have been experimenting with the cat eye for some time now and although I am getting better at it, I tend to keep it minimal in application. Please read on for my review.......

As for the Push Up Liner itself. The packaging is stunning, and the tip on the eye liner is very unique (see pictures below). You have to turn the end of the tube in order to release the gel liner through the tip. It does take some time for the gel liner to arrive at the tip, but when it does, this is a fairly easy product to apply. I love how easy it is to touch up the line, or thicken the liner line if needed.  I found it does really 'hug' my lash line and it gives a very nice look when dry. So far, it stays on all day, and does not flake off easily. I will not be surprised if I see this product being released in other colours, as black is the only option right now. I took some pictures of myself with the liner on so you can get the idea of the cat eye look that I like for daytime. I will continue to practice using this product, and I would definitely recommend it. Great job Benefit!


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