Friday 3 October 2014

Kindergarten Review

Another fun week in Kindergarten, we started by creating this amazing Mega Block set with letters and numbers. It was a hit the students enjoyed trying to put it back together.

We introduced table top games this week, one of our games was a domino game. Students had to line up 5 or 10 dominos and knock them over. The dominos have never been used so much!

Another game was to match our letter box items with their starting letter, here we are just pulling them off the top of the box. The picture below shows our playdough mats being used as sorting mats. The students really enjoyed this game. We were all familiar with the items in the box as we pull them out each week. Finding the letter that matched the beginning sound of the item was challenging.

We also had a dice table top game. We used bingo dotters and had students roll the dice and try to find the numeral that matched the dice number and then they stamped that number. This was a HUGE hit as our voting chart after we did the three activities clearly show the dice game was favoured.

Since our letter was 'D' this week we learned about Dinosaurs, we read the story, "If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur". We then drew and wrote what we would with our pet dinosaurs.

We turned letter 'D' into a dinosaur this week! WOW!! How creative!

Can you spot what letter is missing? We are so close to being done our tactile alphabet!

For Food Friday this week we brought in a dragonfruit. We explored this fruit by putting in a paper bag and having students touch it without seeing it. They loved this, it was informative to hear what they thought it was. It was also a great way for them to use describing words and their other senses.

Thanks so much for reading!!

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