Saturday 25 October 2014

Kindergarten Update (Leaf Inquiry)

We started an inquiry all about leaves, this has been going on the last two weeks but this week we had some fun creating with nature. We started this inquiry because we noticed lots of our students were bringing in leaves from outside during outdoor time, and from home. This week we read the story "The Leaf Man", went on a nature walk and then tried to create our own leaf creations. Take a look below and keep reading for some other fun ideas we tried this week.

The first thing we did was create a sketch of what we wanted to make with leaves, and some of our SK's made a list of items to look for on their nature walk.

Here we are on our nature walk, we made at least five stops as we travelled around our school. Here we are picking up some small twigs.

When we got inside we go to work! We brought in many leaves, twigs, sticks, maple keys and rocks to create with. Again this activity needs a lot of white glue.

Look at what we created in the picture below and above.

We finally got some small easels for our room, these come in very handy when we are doing our guided reading. Here a student is writing a sentence using the words in the book we have been reading all week. We only meet for 10 minutes a day, and the students love it.

Lee Ann is the creative one in our partnership, she decided to use the clock for an even more educational purpose. Great idea!

We made patterns using the coloured gold fish this week, I love how the students all did something different and decorated their fish in their own unique way.

We tried a new game this week. With even more encouragement this game will be a success.

Students love this bean game. They love to feel the beans, and then look for the letters in their name.


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