Sunday 2 November 2014

Kindergarten Sunday

This was one of the most exciting weeks in Kindergarten with the end of the week being Halloween! We created patterns, played trick or treat in the Dramatic Play centre, created a documentation wall, and had a great Halloween parade.

 Here we are playing trick or treat, we decorated our Dramatic Play centre with costumes and Halloween decorations. This student is pulling out cardboard chocolate bar cutouts from her Halloween trick or treat container.

These girls were building a stage, I thought this was a really interesting way to use our building blocks.

Kites have become the most popular thing to make at our art table this week. The students love to use the pipe cleaners and make diamond shapes.

We WON our pumpking decorating contest YAY!! Here is our winning creating of Pete the Cat, we sang the songs from the stories for the judges, and I think that clinched the win.

Here is our documentation wall. LeeAnn and I wanted to allow the students the chance to see themselves in picture form, and also connect the learning to our FDK curriculum document.

A mom sent in these gorgeous decorations, it was so fun for the students.

We created a pattern with some Halloween shapes in Math this week. Some of our students found this task challenging, I was so impressed with how they persisted.

Here is our Dramatic Play decorations, it looked nicer at the start of the week, but maybe a mess means students had too much fun!

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