Tuesday 10 March 2015

Tuesday Try This- Frou Frou Frill Boutique

Hello Gorgeous!
For this Tuesday's Try This I want to let you all in a little 'gem' of a shop I have found called Frou Frou Frill Boutique. Frou Frou Frill is owned by Jocelin and she operates her business a little differently. I had the lovely chance to interview her so that you can learn all about what she does, I know you will love the product at Frou Frou Frill Boutique as much as me, and check out the scarf a few pictures below!

1. Why did you start Frou Frou and Frill?
I’m the girl who loves to have a huge variety in my collection and one who always wants to have the trendiest, latest pieces of jewelry. I realized that while I love jewelry, it was foolish of me to spend upwards of $60 on one single accessory. Styles come and go so quickly that it becomes almost prohibitively expensive for most women to constantly keep up with the latest accessories trends. I actually found myself wearing those expensive pieces only a few times before they were no longer ‘in’, and then I’d move on to the next round of trendy necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I needed to find a method to be fashionable in an economical way.  My passion drove me to provide a way for women to feel good about themselves wearing stylish, beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. My line of jewelry is priced very affordably ranging between $8-18, and we offer free shipping to the USA on all products.

2. Where can people go to buy your products because you operate a little differently than the traditional shop?

We operate strictly online with a direct-to-consumer approach, and are able to pass significant savings on to our customers by doing so. You can visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/frou.frou.frill & comment "sold" under an item you'd like, along with your email address. We then email invoices directly to your inbox. You can also shop from our many product postings on Instagram @froufroufrill. Finally, we send out email offers of our new products, and we welcome you to sign up for our offers. You can sign up directly on our Facebook page to receive those.

3.  How have you expanded your business?

We have expanded our business through referrals from happy customers, by increasing the amount of products we offer, and by hosting auctions on Facebook, which are fun for our customers to participate in.

4. What advice do you have for girls wishing to become a girl boss and start their own business, blog or shop?
First off, you absolutely have to LOVE what you do in order to achieve success in your profession. To have a deep passion is so important. Secondly, taking risks is much easier when you don’t have a lot of other commitments and responsibilities in your life. Starting a business takes a tremendous amount of time to get it right. It takes persistence, grit and a never-quit attitude. Next, be prepared for countless obstacles and challenges, but those will only make you stronger and more appreciative of what will come. And finally, be realistic about how long it takes for most businesses to thrive. Try to have some savings built up that you can rely on in the event it takes your business a little longer than expected to really take off.

Look at this amazing ring , I am so obsessed with it! Jocelin has amazing products and you need to head to Frou Frou Frill Boutique now to snag a piece of your own. Oh and just a hint there is a giveaway coming up with one of these amazing bracelets,


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