Tuesday 23 June 2015

Try This Tuesday- Zakia Moroccan Clay Mud Mask

Hello Gorgeous!
Have you been looking for an amazing skincare mask that will change how your skin feels and looks after just one use? Today I have that product for you! Zakia's Morocco offers beauty products that are based on ancient beauty treatments handed down from Moroccan women to their daughters. Today I am sharing my love for the clay powder mask.

Zakia's Clay Powder Mask is made from Moroccan lava clay and comes in 225 gram container. When you get your clay powder it is just that, powder. The powder has no odour which I am a fan of because certain odours are very off-setting for me.

You have to create your mask with the Zakia clay powder by adding water to the clay powder and mixing until you have a paste similar to that of any mask you would use on your face.

Once you have mixed the powder and water your paste/mask will be ready apply. Apply a thin layer to your skin and let the product dry completely.

The product rinses off extremely easily and I was shocked at how soft my skin felt after using it. My pores appeared smaller and my skin tone was even-ed out. I love how this product can be used on your face and body. It reminded me of being at the spa and that ever so clean and refreshed feeling afterwards.

You can find more of the Zakia product line here. I know if all of the Zakia products are this good I will be trying many more.

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