Tuesday 15 March 2016

New In- Benefit Dandelion

There is nothing I love more than an amazing pink blush, I admit I probably have ten different shades of pink blush in my collection. To find the perfect pink blush shade, well now that's been a challenge, they are either too pink, too concentrated, too light, or the shade doesn't last long enough. Yet again, Benefit has solved my problem! The new Dandelion Dew and Dandelion Shy Beam are changing the blush and highlight game. 

Dandelion Dew soft matte liquid blush is the perfect pink. This product comes in the cutest green ridged container, and inside has a push applicator. 

Dandelion Dew is applied by pushing down on the applicator to dispense a small amount of product. 
You can see the most fabulous shade of liquid pink blush is dispensed. A little does go a long way here, it's definitely helpful to start with a small amount on the apples of your cheeks and then build up the colour as you need it. This is a clever way to apply blush since no matter what your skin tone is, you can saturate your cheeks to the shade you love.
You can see on my hand after I have swatched the Dandelion Dew product that this is truly a lovely baby pink shade. You can definitely see that this liquid blush is buildable to your colour liking as certain areas of the swatch have more pigment. 

The next product in the Dandelion collection is the Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter. It also comes in the cutest packaging
The Dandelion Shy Beam is a liquid highlighter that is a soft pink matte shade. This highlighter is a soft pink shade and can be used on the areas of your face where light naturally hits. The top of your cheek bones, on top of your forehead above your eyebrows, the bridge of your nose, and your cupids bow on your upper lip are all places where the light naturally hits your face.
This shade is a nude pink and I love it because it really does give a natural glow. Many highlight options on the market are quite sparkly and for someone with big pores like me, the sparkles accentuate my pores. The Dandelion Shy Beam does the opposite, it highlights my face beautifully while NOT accentuating my pores.
I promise to have a face pic up on Instagram soon showing these products off! But for now, which one are you lusting for?

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