Thursday 23 June 2016

Murad White Brilliance

Hello Gorgeous!
At the start of every summer I like to revamp my skincare routine. I find that I need to mix up products every few months so that my skin gets refreshed. Today, I am thrilled to share my new summer skincare routine with Murad CanadaMurad has just released a line that will improve your overall complexion. The White Brilliance line purifies, and restores your skin so that your brilliant complexion shines through.

The White Brilliance Cleanser is very gentle on the skin. This cleanser will not leave your skin feeling dry as it locks moisture in. As a lady in her '30's this is so important to me because having my skin stay hydrated takes years off- YAY!
My favourite product in this line is the White Brilliance Luminous Essence. This is a serum based product that exfoliates and hydrate the skin prepping it for the next product. This product is also very gentle so it locks in moisture leaving your skin gorgeous!
Lastly, my new night cream is the Murad Age Balancing Night Cream. Again Murad seems to know the exact formula my skin needs as this product has the perfect consistency. It's not too heavy but it definitely provides that extra moisture your skin needs for night time.
These Murad products have really stepped up my summer skincare game and my skin could not be happier!


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