Sunday 8 January 2017

Getting Colourful with Mr.Sketch

Hello Gorgeous!

Happy Sunday! As a teacher I am always looking for the best products to help me more in the classroom. Over the years one of the products my students have loved the most no matter what age are the Mr. Sketch scented markers.
Until recently I had no idea Mr. Sketch made crayons, including my new favourite item gel crayons! Never has a crayon made me this excited, I even gave each of my son's teachers a pack (among other items). So why do I love these gel crayons? Well simply, they write like a marker, have a more vibrant colour, and they come off skin with just a little water (trust me my son has tried them ha ha). 
 As a teacher, I am always writing on chart paper for a lesson and struggling with the markers as they dry out or if you do not hold the marker at just the right angle, it no longer works. Mr. Sketch has solved these problems because the crayon works at any angle and doesn't dry like a regular marker does. You can see by the pics how vibrant the colours are, and these are the smoothest writing utensil I have tried yet.

 You can find Mr. Sketch gel crayons and more of the line at your local Wal-Mart or on Amazon. The gel crayons come in a pack of 6 or 12, and are twistable so you'll never need to pull back the crayon paper.
 These are going to be my new go-to gift for the birthday parties Charlie gets invited to, and next time you're in Wal-Mart make sure you stop in the stationary aisle and pick up a pack of these gel crayons!!


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