Sunday 8 February 2015

Sunday School- 100th Day

Happy Sunday!!

This was a busy week as we finally got to our 100th day of school! This week we made 100 sticker books, created a short story of what we would when we are 100 years old (sorry I didn't get pictures of that), we ate a 100 day snack, and make a 100 necklace.

You can see our sticker books above, we had the students use the small stickers to put 100 in their books. They loved this!

We used fruit loops to make a 100 day necklace, we had the students place the loops on a planning page first and then they used pipe cleaners to string the loops on.


We packed a small ziploc bag for each student of 100 snacks. They had to empty the bag and sort through the items. This was challenging for them, but they loved to eat it when they were done.

We also experimented with snow this week, here you can see our container is almost full with snow. We watched what happened during the day and discovered when the snow melts, there is a lot less water. So we decided snow takes up more space.

How was your week? Did you do anything special if you got to your 100th day of school?


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