Tuesday 3 March 2015

Tuesday Try This- Blue Owl Designs

Hello Gorgeous!
I finally found the perfect pair of earring studs. Blue Owl Designs  is owned by a fantastic sister duo Taylor and Sydney Campbell, these girls make the most incredible earring studs. Taylor and Sydney create their studs using glass, and druzy stones. Each pair of earrings is hand crafted and nickel free, so those with sensitive ears need not to worry! These studs will be a perfect match for you.  Oh, I almost forgot Blue Owl Designs also creates necklaces, and some awesome hair accessories too!

The craftmanship on the earrings in impeccable, the lovely see through effect of the glass compliments any outfit wonderfully.

The Blue Owl earrings are not heavy and honestly, I feel like I am wearing no earrings at all for the duration of my day. The size is perfect, and fits my ear lobe like a 'glove'.

I have become completely obsessed with the packaging of these earrings. When you get your pair you will be stunned by how incredible the quality is.

Now for the good news! The price of these studs is only ten dollars, YES $10. I have no idea what you are waiting for, you need to head to the  Blue Owl site right now so you can have your own pair. I can't recommend these lovely studs enough, you will so thrilled to wear these, and with the variety of patterns and colours to choose from you will have a hard time choosing.

Blue Studs- here
Gold Leaf Studs -here

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