Thursday 23 April 2015

Skincare Lessons with Enza Essentials (and me with no makeup)

Hello Gorgeous!
This has been a post I have been very excited to share with you for the last month now. I have always struggled with unclear skin, blemishes, and blackheads have just always been there. Even now, in my thirties I am still challenged by skin that I am never satisfied with. I am happy to say that over the last month the skin on my face had never looked so good. What's the secret you ask? I realize I am a very lucky girl because I have teamed up with Enza Essentials to share the re-invention of my skin.
Enza Essentials is an advanced skincare line that offers customized products and routines specific to your skin. I was shocked when I got my box of Enza Essentials because there were so many products in it. I was always used to cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but the skincare reigmen Enza provided for me added in many new products that have made all the difference.

Inside my Enza box was my new customized skin care regimen. This has been the most helpful piece of paper because the steps are so easily laid out on how and when to use each product.

Here is what I got to try in my Enza box,

1. Sustaining Cleanser, Toner and Glow Creme- these products are fantastic. I used them twice a day and my skin really likes the formula.
2. The Fine Facial Polish- this is a fine scrub that I use two times a week, I really enjoy using this product because my skin gets an extra deep cleaning. This product is a great exfoliant.
3. Face Firming Complex- I use this once a day, it is a nice smooth cream texture, as I am in my thirties I am hoping this will help prevent the aging that I know is coming.
4. RosaCalm- this product looks like aloe vera, it has helped to tone the redness in my skin because I tend to have quite a bit of red undertones.
5. Glycolic Serum-  this is a clear liquid/light gel that I use two times a day. It goes on liquid and dries quite quick. I then use my moisturizer after.
6. Pore Extraction Mask- this is my favourite product by far, I never knew that I mask could extract my blackheads. Long gone are the days of pushing or pricking at these pesky pimples. The mask works better than anything I have tried.
7. Spot Extractor- I love this product just as much as the mask above. this is a clear serum that works to extract blackheads.
8. Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme- I use this twice a day and it really has helped reduce the darkness under my eyes. I do not have a lot of puffiness under my eyes so this product is perfect for my needs.
9. SPF 30 Moisturizer- this is a thicker formula but I find my foundation goes on so much nicer after I use this.

The Enza products are amazing! I am so thankful for the wonderful products I am using right now. I never knew how much a great skincare routine, with the right products could benefit my skin. I never go without makeup but here it is!


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