Tuesday 21 April 2015

Try This Tuesday- Yes! by Finishing Touch

Hello Gorgeous!
I have a great Try This for you today! This is a product that is so useful, is very small and saves you lots of time on personal grooming. Yes! by Finishing Touch is a pain free hair removal device that gets rid of unwanted hair in the smallest of places. I know you are thinking.  pain free?, yea right!. Well lovely ladies I am here to tell you it is truly pain free. Each Yes! by Finishing Touch comes with two grooming attachments, one for longer hair and one for shorter hair. To activate Yes! by Finishing Touch you have to touch the purple end to your skin and a light will come on (shown below). Once the light is on you can touch the device to your skin and move it gently up and down and you will see your hair disappearing.

I have found the Yes! by Finishing Touch to be most helpful in those hard to shave or wax areas. Getting into those more personal areas on the body can be challenging, but the Yes! is amazing at removing hair. Even in the most sensitive places there is still no pain when using the Yes!

You can see below that I did use the Yes! on my legs (I regularly shave so I used the grooming tool for shorter hairs). I love how it makes my legs looks smooth and silky, and you know those hairs that you always miss? Well the Yes! comes in really handy to get rid of those.

I always moisturize after removing hair. I am so thrilled that I found and tried the Yes! by Finishing Touch and for $40 it is a great buy!

*product provided for consideration, all opinions are my own*

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